Jadi created, branded and launched HealthExpress 365.
A convenient and affordable Health Care program for everyone!

Work for HealthExpress 365 includes: Strategy, branding, marketing communications, identity, website / mobile design and development, TV commercials, capabilities video, demo video, VFX, product design & packaging, creative content, illustration, SEO, advertising, social media and paid media.

We’ve all known someone whose health was affected by not getting a simple checkup.

Now is the time to know your health.

With traditional health insurance being too expensive, Health Express 365 has developed a simple, safe, and trusted in-home health test that identifies irregularities in all vital organs, diabetes, cholesterol, and many forms of cancer.

Early detection can save lives and empower you to make informed decisions about your health.
We’ve designed an affordable health benefits program that brings doctor house calls back, no co-pay, along with five dollar prescriptions from your local pharmacy.

Health Express 365 provides easy access to certified doctors and psychiatrists that can treat all types of mental illness and addiction.

We also provide financial assistance on all medical bills. Isn’t it time you invested in your family’s health?

Sign up at HealthExpress365.com/Go or call 1 800 920 3997 now!

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